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You can access the API via a request URL with the format:{YOURDOMAINHERE}?ki={YOURAPIKEYHERE}&l=10 The API requires a valid API key and domain url, with an optional limit “l” parameter.

  • The API key can be found on the settings page of any paid account.
  • The domain should match what is seen from within the app for the authorized user of the API key. E.g.  You do not use the http:// in the API call.
  • The optional “l” url parameter in the API call is to limit the number of alarm/alert responses returned, and can be between 1 and 100.  If the limit is not specified, it will default to 10 entries.

The following is an example of a API request of the last 4 entries for the domain

Request URI:

JSON Output:

  "request_date": "2015-04-23 16:51:08",
  "success": 1,
  "logs": [
      "alarms": {
        "1": "Increased 26% -> Google organic referring traffic week over week",
        "2": "Decreased 50% -> Bing organic referring traffic week over week",
        "3": "Increased 77% -> Total number of unique landing pages week over week",
        "4": "Increased 511% -> Average site speed week over week"
      "create_date": "2015-04-21 15:20:03"

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Every paid account comes with API access that can be used across a growing number of SEO Alarms app integrations.

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