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Webmasters, Consultants and Agencies spend way too much time monitoring and not enough time doing. How many times a day do you log into Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, or a link service like Moz, Majestic or AHRefs? How much of that time could be spent building a better site with better content and better outreach? SEO Alarms is here to set you free.



SEO Alarms looks at over 100 different metrics and growing for shifts that should attract your attention - from link bursts to traffic drops, SEO Alarms has your back.



SEO Alarms connects directly with your Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics accounts, while also utilizing APIs from top data providers like Moz, Majestic and AHRefs.



Dude, we got it. Let SEO Alarms identify changes over time that are worth your attention, not statistically insignificant shifts that shouldn’t inform your strategy. Sit back, relax, and have some coffee.



Now stop relaxing and go on offense. The best part of SEO Alarms is that it frees your limited marketing hours so you can get to the business of search engine optimization once again.

Link monitoring service

On Page Alerts

There is great data in Google Webmaster Tools, but checking it daily is quite a chore. You don’t want to miss anything, but most days the results are nearly the same. Why not offload your monitoring to a service that notifies you only when changes are big enough to matter? Stop playing defense: free up your time to go on SEO offense.

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avoid daily rankings checks

Stop the Daily Rankings Slog

Let’s face it, we are never going to get away from rank tracking. Even Google recognized this by giving us query data directly in Google Webmaster Tools. But why waste your time checking results which probably didn’t change when you can get notified if they do? Use SEOAlarms to notify you of important traffic and query data shifts from GWT and Analytics so you can free up time and get back to the business of optimization.

Easy to Use API


SEO Alarm’s simple to use API is perfect for agencies that want to white-label the SEO Alarms service or integrate SEO alerts into existing dashboards, reporting platforms, and processes.


SEO Alarms API

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Set-up is a breeze! You can have SEO Alarms up and running for your website in less than 5 minutes…

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