Change in Number of Historic External Domains Crawled URL Links Out To

This alert is based on the number of historic external domains crawled on your domain URL with links that point outside of your paid level domain. This can be affect your Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which exists as a comparison to the click through rate and domain relevance factors for your site. Changes in Citation Flow and Citation Flow are generally associated with a shift in the backlink metrics for a domain, along with the relevancy of the content as it is associated with the user’s search query, and other Majestic Flow Metrics.


Increase in Number of Historic External Domains Crawled URL Links Out To

This alert is based on an increase in the number of historic external domains that are linked to and crawled from your website. It is possible that this increase can lead to an improved Trust Flow and Citation Flow for your domain indicates an increase in overall ranking authority for your website. An increase in the number of relevant external links are typically a good indicator that the content is relevant to the content and intent of your own domain. Additionally, an increase in the historical external links can be indicative of on-site changes, redesigns, or a security breach, so please be cognizant of changes made on your website.


Decrease in the Number of Historic External Domains Crawled URL Links Out To

This alert is based on a decrease in the number of Historic external domains that have been found on your site and crawled by Majestic. This can indicate an increase in pages that have been removed from your website, your website’s hosting service was down when Majestic crawled, or other extenuating circumstances. As stated above, it is good to keep your website secure and to be aware of any changes being made on your pages, posts, or other parts of your website.

Let’s hope you have recently garnered historic authoritative links to your site and you see this number on a steady upward trend. It is important to note that Majestic can trigger false positives for this alert if there was a recent index update on their end, which would have an impact on the Trust and Citation flows of all sites in their index. If you see a big jump or drop, you should check to see if Majestic updated their index before freaking out!

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