Change in Number of Historic Internal Links Crawled Out To

This alert is based on the number of historic urls that exist internally on your site and have been crawled, to see where they link out to from your paid level domain. The results of this crawl can affect your Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which exists as a comparison to the click through rate and domain relevance factors for your site. The relevance of the linking domains that you are pointing to can also change this score. Any changes in historic internal links can indicate recent on-site edits, or a redesign of the site. It could also signal a site being hacked if the number spikes a significant amount, while linking to irrelevant sites. Monitoring the historical internal linking totals is crucial in maintaining site health and staying on top of site security.


Increase in Number of Historic Internal Links Out To

This alert is based on an increase in the number of historic internal crawled links out to external sites from your paid level domain. It is possible that this increase can lead to an improved Trust Flow and Citation Flow, as long as the linking domains improve the overall authority of your website. This can also be an indication of newly published pages, on-site changes, or a redesign being implemented. All of which can contain new external links.


Decrease in the Number of Historic Internal Crawled Links Out To

This alert is based on a decrease in the number of historic internal links out to your paid level domain. It is possible that this decrease can lead to a drop in Trust Flow and Citation Flow for your domain indicates an increase in overall ranking authority for your website. This may be an indication that some pages have been edited or removed from your website. Be sure to check change logs in your CMS to ensure that all changes have been authorized, and that your website is secure.

Changes on site are typically the source of increases or decreases in historical internal links. Knowing the origin of these changes is necessary for maintaining a secure and stable website. Ensure that your hosting service is up and running, and that all changes on your website were made by you. Publishing new content with more internal links is great for the longevity of your website!

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