Change in Number of Historic Referring .GOV Domains

This alert is based on the number of historic referring .gov domains known found linking to your paid level domain. More simply put, there has been a change in the number of government domains linking to your website.  Newly acquired or expired .gov domains can be affect your Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which exists as a comparison to the click through rate and domain relevance factors for your site. Changes in Citation Flow and Citation Flow are generally associated with a shift in the backlink metrics for a domain, the relevancy of the content to the user’s search query, among many other Majestic Flow Metrics.


Increase in Number of Historic Referring .GOV Domains

This alert is based on an increase in the number of historic referring .gov domains found linking to your paid level domain. Governmental domains linking to your website can indicate a resource on your website being shared with their visitors. This can indicate that your website contains helpful content, and .gov domains can offer lots of SEO value.


Decrease in Number of Historic Referring .GOV Domains

This alert is based on an decrease in the number of historic referring .gov domains known linking to your paid level domain. It is possible that the link on the .gov domain has been deactivated, the page has been removed, or the website was temporarily down when it was last crawled. The worse case scenario, is that the quality of your site has decreased, and it is no longer viewed to provide value to the government as a resource to its citizens. Closely monitor the status of .gov domains that link to your website to ensure that you do not lose any authority.

Let’s hope you have recently garnered historic authoritative .gov domain links to your site and you see this number on a steady upward trend.If you have noticed a decrease in this total, it is wholly possible to contact the webmaster to check if the link can be replaced.

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