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… with over 100 alarms to keep you in the loop on notable changes in your index, links, site speed, errors, organic visibility and more, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get an alert if something goes wrong… or great!


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Affordable pricing plans for agencies makes SEO Alarms an easy way to add value for clients and create a fall-back for monitoring a large number of websites.
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Set an Alarm

Choose from over 100, and growing!, available alarms ranging from alerts to monitor traffic changes, index changes, link changes and more!

Monitor Data

SEO Alarms monitors statistics over a variety of data sources (Moz, aHrefs, Majestic, Google Webmaster Tools, and more) for changes triggering an alarm.

Get SEO Alerts

Automatically receive email notifications when an alarm is triggered so you can take any necessary action!

Organic Traffic Volatility

When measuring volatility, we normally look at simply how much fluctuation there is in the search results. However, at SEOAlarms, we take a different approach. We don’t simply want to know how many keywords moved how many positions, but ultimately how that movement affects users. The graph above shows the percentage of users who will get a different result when clicking on the same position for a keyword as they did the day before. When shifts happen for highly popular keywords, or from high CTR rankings to low CTR rankings, our volatility measure is impacted more heavily.

SEO Alarms is the perfect tool to reliably monitor for any SEO issues across a large number of clients.

D. Carter

Customer Service, Angular

I’m so excited about SEO Alarms, and how much work it is going to save me as an SEO!

R. Jones


I built this tool so SEOs could save time in browsing through multiple data sets across multiple clients to ascertain whether a client’s site had been impacted by any algorithmic changes or needed attention.

J Travis

Sr. Engineer, Virante, Inc.

Every business should be using SEO Alarms.  It provides a low-cost service to keep you in the loop, and to make sure your SEO is on their toes!

J. Bohall

VP Marketing

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